USPS Tracking Not Working- Solved

USPS postal service is a great technology that helps you with tracking your packages. To see the location and status of your item, you only have to enter the tracking number and that’s all. But sometimes, due to several factors, you can also encounter the USPS Tracking Not Working problem. We will discuss what to do when you face the error while tracking your product.

How to Resolve USPS Tracking Not Working?

USPS postal service is really helpful for us. But sometimes when you encounter any issue such tracking not updating, tracking not working etc. you can find out the possible solutions. Here, we have figured out some of the best reasons why the error might be occurring.

Reasons Why USPS Tracking Not Working

USPS works around the globe to ship packages including mails, carriers and much more. While providing its service around the globe, it also becomes possible for it to encounter some difficulties. And when it does, it can come out with a few glitches. Sometimes when clients fill out the customer details incorrectly, they also happen to encounter the USPS Tracking not updating problem. But in that case, you can call the customer service phone number to be able to understand the core of the problem.

  1. Wrong carrier: If you ship your item with another carrier, then the tracking system basically takes sometimes to exchange the package. Hence, you do not get a quick update.
  2. Error with customer name: When the customer name is printed twice in the package, this kind of error can occur. Also, when the name of your product gets canceled, you can also see the same kind of error occurred.
  3. Due to the time and location: Sometimes when you try to track your product before 24-48 hours of shipping the package, you won’t get an update. Usually, your international shipment takes more than 18 hours to reach the destination country. If you try before that, you will receive the USPS tracking not updating issue.

Apart from these reasons other factors can occur as well. Due to bad weather condition, or when the carrier delays with the delivery or scanning the barcode of the package, you can face the error. At intermediary stops, your product gets scanned by the carrier, in case of any glitch with the scanning system, you can face this error.

What to Do If USPS Tracking Not Working Occurs?

Firstly, check if you are entering the correct USPS tracking number. If you enter a wrong one, you won’t receive any relevant result. Also, you can the USPS customer portal 1800-ASK-USPS number. Ask one of the customer care agents about your difficulties and they are sure to help you. Furthermore, you can go to USPS.COM. to get instant online assistance from the USPS official site. You have to put the details of your package along with the tracking number.

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