[Resolved] USPS Registered Mail Tracking Not Updating

Registered mail is one of the best parcel tracking system of the United State Postal Service. Additional protection and security got the new definition with this USPS Registered Mail Tracking. USPS Tracking Number lets you keep an eye on your package until the delivery process gets completed. However, the surge in the number of users sometimes forces issues like USPS Registered Mail Tracking Not Updating. And you don’t get any information about your package.  

We are here to resolve this error. Look down to comprehend what exactly causes USPS Registered Mail Error. Additionally, get easy tricks to follow your box in USPS Status once more.

How does USPS Registered Mail work?

You need to know the working method of the USPS Email Tracking to have a better grip on the error. So here we are with a clear overview. Go through, and you will be able to understand the reasons for the USPS Registered Mail Tracking Not Updating.

Well, Registered Mail Service spares your time. So, no need to drop the parcel at mail stations. You can schedule a pickup with the help of the official site. After that, you will get some free boxes, pack your item into it. Next, attach a  printed label containing details like your name, address, where to drop, etc. Lastly, hand the box to USPS carrier.

You can avail the USPS Mail Tracking service with the following USPS Shipping Service.

USPS Priority Mail Express

If you need to ship something urgently then USPS Priority Mail Express is the best option on any day. No matter if you need to send a letter, ship some merchandise or documents Priority mail express USPS has the most reasonable price. It comes with the USPS Mail Tracking feature. Usually, users get updates on their email throughout the delivery process.

The delivery takes place inside 7 days.

First-Class Mail

First-Class mail is also enabled with the email tracking feature. If you need to deliver any standard-sized, single-piece envelops (up to 3.5 oz) then USPS First-Class Mail is the best choice. Likewise, you can send large envelopes and small packages. But the weight must not exceed 13 oz. You will get your parcel delivered inside 3 days.

USPS Retail Ground

USPS Retail Ground is very affordable and has the email tracking feature as well. By paying $7.35, you can ship packages through USPS Retail Ground. If you need to ship in bulk and large parcels this is the best option you have.

Not only the service mentioned above you can avail the USPS Email tracking facility with USPS Media Mail as well.

Apart from these if you have used some USPS mailing options, you will not receive USPS Registered Email Update. Alongside there can be some other reasons because of which you will have to face USPS registered mail tracking not updating error.

Now, let’s have a look at what causes the problem.

USPS registered mail tracking not updating – What causes the issue?

Error with “Track and Confirm Tool”

You need to have your USPS receipt and the access to the official website of USPS to track your package. You can find the USPS tracking number just below the confirmation receipt.

Enter the tracking number at the right column and click on the ‘track package’ button. When you are registered with the USPS Mail tracking feature, you should get automatic updates on your email. If there is a problem with your USPS Tracking Number or with the Track and Confirm Tool, then USPS Registered Mail Tracking Not Updating issue is obvious.

However, there can be other issues as well because of which you will have to face the USPS registered mail tracking not updating issue. Scroll through to know more.

Restrictions for Tracking

There can be certain restrictions because of which you might be facing the error. For example, if you have shipped some parcel through USPS First class Mail, then your package will be followed through the Electronic USPS Delivery Confirmation International service. But in case of the Priority Mail, USPS has different tracking service known as E-COMPRO tracking services.

So, if there is something like, after shipping your package through USPS First Class mail, you are trying to find an update from the E-COMPRO an issue will inevitably arise. And, you will face the USPS Tracking not updating issue.

An issue with your email

There can be some problem with your registered email id itself because of which you are facing the USPS Registered Mail Tracking not updating error. Difficulty can arise if you search the wrong email account as well. So, check it carefully if you have registered some other ids to get the tracking update.

USPS Registered Mail Tracking not updating – how to troubleshoot?

If you are facing USPS Registered Mail Tracking not updating error the first thing you should try is to check your mailbox carefully. Firstly make sure you have not missed out on something like registering with wrong email ID or searching the update in another email which is not registered for USPS Tracking update.

If there is no issue with the email, you can trust that a few days will let the status update with new information. On the off chance that you don’t see anything eventually, you should connect with the USPS Customer Care. Dial USPS Customer Service number and for the update.

If that doesn’t work then, you must visit your local Post Office from where you were supposed to get the delivery.

Wrap Up

Being the cheapest in terms of postage charge issues with the USPS Tracking system is one of the significant concerns of USPS. But in terms of delivery reach, offering shipping service all over the United States, USPS is best by far. Anyway, now we should end up with this conversation. We have shared all the details about the USPS Registered Mail Tracking not updating issue you are facing. It will surely help you to counter the problem. If you need any further information, you can fill the comment box with queries.

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Whatsapp Status: Upcoming Features 2019

Whatsapp is updating more and more new features everyday to enchace the users experience. Recently we have heard about Facebook chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg planning to join the messaging base of WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger also to combine the end-to-end encryption to these apps. This process will, of course, take some time and after that, you can expect some new Whatsapp Status Upcoming Features. The new features that we are expecting so far, are listed here; so, scroll down to find them out.

Whatsapp Status: Upcoming Features- Dark Mode

whatsapp status

Many apps offer dark-mode that include a primary theme with dark color and dim lights that can protect your eyes from blue light also saves the comparative battery consumption of your device. You can expect this Whatsapp feature anytime soon.

3D Touch Option- Upcoming Whatsapp Feature

This feature is only available for the iPhone users that lets you read someone’s status without letting them know. This feature is already available for the Whatsapp beta users and should also be rolled out to end users anytime soon.

Fingerprint Unlock Feature

Security and privacy are what need in today’s world. And according to a source, Whatsapp might be adding a new and extra security layer by providing fingerprint authorization for the app. The feature means to verify the user identity everytime you open the app.

Sticker Integration

Best whatsapp status

Whatsapp already has added the stickers feature last year, and this year, you can expect a new expansion where you can use a third-party app to share stickers. Until now, you can only use the inbuilt stickers, but with the latest feature, you can send stickers from other third-party apps. According to some report, the GBoard will be the first keyboard app which will use the Stickers Integration feature.

Private Replies- New Whatsapp Feature

This one is a very long-awaited feature that allows the users to reply privately to a person in a group conversation. This feature is recently introduced to the Android users and is expected to reach the iOS users anytime soon.

Audio Picker is Another Upcoming Whatsapp Feature

You can expect a revamped audio picker for WhatsApp in a new update. This feature will let you play the audio file before sending it to your friend. Also, all audio and music files stored on your device storage will be listed in Whatsapp for you. Here you can also send 30 audio files at once.

Whatsapp Upcoming Feature- Last Words

Last year, Whatsapp added some useful features that have made the app more fun to use. Some of the most interesting features are Whatsapp stickers, swipe to reply, ads for status of iOS version, Whatsapp picture mode, lnline image notification etc. All these features have made messaging really easy and fun. Users are able to funny whatsapp status, love whatsapp stauts and many more.And the next upcoming Whatsapp feature will take that fun to a completely new level. So, let’s comment down below, which of these features you liked the most and think will be more helpful to you.

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USPS vs. FedEx – Know The Best Shipping Options

Only the best shipping carrier can maintain the quality of your product and put a smile on your customers’ face. Shipping through the right carrier is essential for growing your business. USPS and FedEx are two unmatched names in the postal service industry since long. But when it is about choosing one of them things can become really confusing. Actually, both of the companies have their strengths and weaknesses, and you must select the service depending on your requirement. Our competitive analysis USPS vs. FedEx will help you to choose the best one.

USPS vs. FedEx

The United State Postal Service is an agency run by the federal government of the United States. The company is in the business since the year 1775. USPS provides a full range of shipping services starting from express, priority to ground. Most importantly they offer the mailing and shipping service at the most competitive price.  If you are a small or medium business owner the express shipping service along with the flat-rate Priority by USPS can be an asset for you.

Talking about FedEx, they are operating in the industry since the year 1971. By maintaining the precise delivery time and comprehensive service, they have earned the reputation. FedEx is one of the biggest rivals of the USPS. And, except the pricing, it can be left behind USPS by miles if convenient service is your only concern. Though, the cost is on the higher side, to compete with the flat-rate box of USPS the Federal Express has a function called One Rate.

Moving onward we have a comparison table USPS vs. FedEx which will help you to get the actual differences.

Shipping option comparison USPS vs. FedEx

Shipping ChoicesOvernight2 Day1 WeekOvernight2 Day3 Day4 Day
Best For Parcels up to 70-lbs & Mail Parcels 3-lbs. to 150-lbs.
PricingMost competitive considering the overall valueCompetitive on larger parcels
Service OptionsGround through Express but most of the services are guaranteedGround through time-critical overnight, all the service are guaranteed
PickupFree with Priority Mail ExpressFree for regularly scheduled pickups otherwise have to pay
Number of Drop CentersAddress for deliveryPO BoxAPOAddress for delivery or the Pickup centers
TrackingFree with Priority Mail and First Class deliveriesFree & convenient
InsuranceUp to $100 free for Express Priority if parcel values more then have to pay an extra feeFree for $99 or less, more for a fee
Commercial DiscountsOnline & via shipping softwareVolume-based
Label PrintingUSPS.com along with Software IntegrationsUPS.com, UPS Software, and other integrations
Customer SupportVia Phone and in-personPhone, email and in person
Official Websitewww.usps.comwww.fedex.com

USPS vs. FedEx: The Pros & Cons

Here we are going to discuss the real strengths and weaknesses of these two shipping carriers. Scroll through and get all the details.

The Strengths of USPS

It is the cheapest option you can have. The USPS is the most economical delivery service option for small businesses who ship small items. If you want to send an object weighs 2 lbs or lesser USPS is the best option. In addition to that, you will get free tracking with the Priority mail box. So, if you are trying to cut the cost, USPS is the best option any day.

It has become more reliable. In past USPS had the bad reputation of misplacing an item and delaying shipments. But recently the scenario has been improved a lot. With more convenient service USPS has become better and reliable as well.

USPS delivers to Mailboxes and PO Boxes. Having the monopoly over the PO Boxes and Mailboxes USPS is the only company who does not have to drop off packages at the customers’ doorsteps. If you need to deliver a parcel along with the customers’ daily mail, USPS is the best option.

The Weaknesses of USPS

Though USPS is superb in many aspects, it is by no means the perfect. There are some downfalls of USPS you must watch out:

USPS Tracking is Not Good. On many occasions, the customers complain on USPS Tracking Not Working. Though earlier we mentioned USPS has improved their service and they are much more reliable still the packages get misplaced sometimes. Along with that there not so good tracking system makes things even worse at the time the delivery delays or parcel goes missing.

A Poor Customer Service is one of the major concerns among USPS customers. There are many merchants report that when a parcel goes missing and impossible to track things become really disgraceful. The main reason behind this is the bad customer service of the USPS.

Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of FedEx.

As the review of several business owners refers, the main reason to choose FedEx over USPS is the convenient service they offer. Here is the strength of weaknesses you must know before you select the best one.

Strengths of FedEx

FedEx has many advantages; the list includes a superb tracking system and speedy delivery. Following are the things that can be regarded as the strength of FedEx.

FedEx is known for a robust tracking system. You can track the progress of your package’s delivery in every step. Not only that, using the FedEx Delivery Manager and hold your containers at a FedEx office and schedule the delivery as per your convenience.

FedEx offers Saturday delivery as a part of their basic shipping packages. Many merchants actually like this feature of FedEx.

Negotiable Pricing is another strength we can consider. If you need to ship a large volume of packages through FedEx, you can easily negotiate the shipping charge with the officials. FedEx can offer competitive rates for packages up to 50 pounds.

Weakness of FedEx

Considering FedEx for shipping your packages you must be mindful of the downsides of the shipping carrier.

Higher Shipping Rates is one of the significant concerns of FedEx. For small and medium business owners the shipping cost of FedEx is not favorable in any circumstances.

FedEx doesn’t have free package pickup service. However, you can schedule a package pickup by paying the extra fees.

Unavailability of office another issue you might have to encounter with FedEx. Most importantly the offices they have are less convenient than its competitors.

Wrap Up

USPS is the best option by far when it comes to price. Not only that, since they try to prioritize every address equally, in some cases, you will be surprised seeing how quickly they can ship a parcel out of nowhere. Coming to FedEx, they are excellent for sellers looking for fast and reliable shipments. We have shared the perfect guide to help you decide the best shipping company for your business. If you need any further help, you can ask us through the comment box. Share your thoughts about this article in the comment.

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USPS Tracking Not Working- Solved

USPS postal service is a great technology that helps you with tracking your packages. To see the location and status of your item, you only have to enter the tracking number and that’s all. But sometimes, due to several factors, you can also encounter the USPS Tracking Not Working problem. We will discuss what to do when you face the error while tracking your product.

How to Resolve USPS Tracking Not Working?

USPS postal service is really helpful for us. But sometimes when you encounter any issue such tracking not updating, tracking not working etc. you can find out the possible solutions. Here, we have figured out some of the best reasons why the error might be occurring.

Reasons Why USPS Tracking Not Working

USPS works around the globe to ship packages including mails, carriers and much more. While providing its service around the globe, it also becomes possible for it to encounter some difficulties. And when it does, it can come out with a few glitches. Sometimes when clients fill out the customer details incorrectly, they also happen to encounter the USPS Tracking not updating problem. But in that case, you can call the customer service phone number to be able to understand the core of the problem.

  1. Wrong carrier: If you ship your item with another carrier, then the tracking system basically takes sometimes to exchange the package. Hence, you do not get a quick update.
  2. Error with customer name: When the customer name is printed twice in the package, this kind of error can occur. Also, when the name of your product gets canceled, you can also see the same kind of error occurred.
  3. Due to the time and location: Sometimes when you try to track your product before 24-48 hours of shipping the package, you won’t get an update. Usually, your international shipment takes more than 18 hours to reach the destination country. If you try before that, you will receive the USPS tracking not updating issue.

Apart from these reasons other factors can occur as well. Due to bad weather condition, or when the carrier delays with the delivery or scanning the barcode of the package, you can face the error. At intermediary stops, your product gets scanned by the carrier, in case of any glitch with the scanning system, you can face this error.

What to Do If USPS Tracking Not Working Occurs?

Firstly, check if you are entering the correct USPS tracking number. If you enter a wrong one, you won’t receive any relevant result. Also, you can the USPS customer portal 1800-ASK-USPS number. Ask one of the customer care agents about your difficulties and they are sure to help you. Furthermore, you can go to USPS.COM. to get instant online assistance from the USPS official site. You have to put the details of your package along with the tracking number.

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Usps Tracking- How to Track Shipment

USPS portal is becoming more and more popular in this digital era. Though, this service is only available at the UK and USA,  it is one of the most successful systems. The technology works in providing us the tracking and delivery details of our shipment products. With the correct Usps Tracking number, we can also manage our services.

This service works in some important steps. From the first stage of your order, to the last stage of the delivery, everything gets informed to you via the SMS service. You can also visit the official USPS.Com page and enter the tracking ID to track your item. New users like you most likely not to know about how the process works. So for your convenience, we have provided all the details here.

How Does Usps Tracking Work?

In beween every transitions of your shipment, your product package got scanned at its  intermediary stops. Since the first stage to the last stage of this delivery process, your product lands into many places, each of which called intermediary stops. Whenever the carrier scans the barcode of the package, your USPS tracking gets updated and you recieve the status of your delivery.

Whenever, you enter the tracking number of your package, the USPS tracking map will appear. The map will show you every places the item has visited so far, and also the current location of the package.

How to Locate My Package of Usps Tracking?

To locate the package you need to enter the correct USPS tracking number. Just visit the site from your web browser and enter the right number. Here are some examples of the USPS numbers that you can find yours from the package.

usps tracking
  • Collect on Delivery 9303 3000 0000 00
  • Certified Mail 9407 3000 0000 0000
  • Priority Mail Express 9270 1000 0000  / EA 000 000 US
  • Priority Mail International CP 000 000 US
  • Registered Mail 9208 8000 0000 0000
  • Signature Confirmation 9202 1000 0000 0000
  • USPS Tracking 9400 1000
  • Priority Mail 9205 5000 0000 0000

You can find your tracking number from-

  1. If you have the post office shipping receipt, check the document for the correct number
  2. Open your email inbox and search for the mail confirmation from USPS service
  3. You can also find the number from the bottom peel-off portion of your USPS tracking label

While tracking your package with the tracking number, you have to consider these things-

  1. Visit USPS.com and enter the 25 digit number on its search box
  2. To avoid issue, please make sure no to include any extra space and dashing in between the number
  3. Hit the Check Status button right next to the search bar
  4. Now view the status info and also the current location of your package from the new page.

In rare cases, users face the Usps Tracking not updating issue. If you encounter anything like that, you can go to USPS customer portal for help.

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